Reasons Why people Evade tax

-some were born like that with characters of avations

-to save some cash for precautionary measures

-because government services are selective

-because some products are poor in quality and we don’t have consumer protection

-because evasion is a mental illness apart from character

-because they are tricky

-because taxed goods are expensive as compared to charity or untaxed goods

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Factors that promote crime:

Illiteracy:These is the factor that makes people driven to crime bcos they cant apply any skills hence resolve to crime.

self centeredness It promotes guilt

Corruption which makes people access favors through unfair means

The Rotten and the Sublime: A Reading List on Fermentation



Fermented products occupy a strange spot in contemporary food culture, being at once some of the most enduring staples of our diets — and some of the most faddish. From the fizzy kick of kimchi to avant-garde culinary experimentation in Copenhagen, here are five stories about our fascination with (and, sure, addiction to) deliciously rotten food.

1. “Why Bakers Love Their Mothers.” (Dana Goodyear, Food & Wine, November 2013)

Some of the oldest sourdough starters, dubbed mothers — “the bubbling, breathing slick of wild yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria that feed on flour and water” — date from the 19th century and are passed, like a heirloom, from one generation to the next. In this piece, Goodyear lingers on the moving emotional connections bakers develop with the bacteria in their kitchens.

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